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A More Meaningful Way to Enjoy the Louvre

The first-time visitor to the Louvre has the pressure of a must-see list that usually includes, but is not limited to: the Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, Leonardo's Mona Lisa, David's Coronation of Napoleon....

And the 30 minutes wasted in line now cuts out half of the Ancient world.

We know, we've done it. It's an exhausting rite of passage for many visitors to Paris. Your back hurts, your bleary eyes are just slipping off the paintings, and that restorative cup of coffee in the packed café is about 10 minutes too long of wait.

We at Paris Muse believe that the Louvre should be the relaxing, contemplative, civilized (and civilizing) experience that art was originally intended to provide. If you are interested in making your second, or twenty-second, visit a more meaningful experience—with more looking, learning, and less hustling—then consider reserving our "Hidden Masterpieces of the Louvre."

Bathsheba at Her Bath (1654), Rembrandt

You'll find yourself quickly whisked into the calmer second floor galleries of Richelieu, exploring Bosch, van Eyck, Rubens, Rembrandt, and Vermeer, and other lesser-known works that many visitors miss. By some quirk of fate stunning paintings like these have not ended up on refrigerator magnets or souvenir coasters, but art historians and Louvre curators consider them to be the most important in their collections. Hidden gems to discover indeed.

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Rates. 2.0-hour tour: €105 for individuals, or €90 per person for parties of two or more. €20 surcharge to guarantee that your party has a one-on-one tour with your guide without other parties. (No tour, however, will ever be larger than four people). [ Book this tour ]

Experience of a Lifetime

Our Introductory Tour of the Louvre with Gaby was the highlight of our 15-day European cruise. Gaby was absolutely terrific. She presented the history of the Louvre and works of art with passion and much knowledge… My husband wanted to visit the Louvre since he was a child and I am SO glad I picked the perfect way to see it for the first time. From the initial email that I wrote to you for information to Gaby's wonderful tour everything was flawless. Thanks so much for giving my husband and I the experience of a lifetime.

Diana and Bud Berry
Palm Coast, Florida

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