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Tours at the Musée Marmottan-Monet

Impressionism and Beyond

Musée Marmottan: Monet, Impressionism and Beyond

1.5-hour tour.

Please note that as of summer 2014 this tour is no longer available.

Because the Marmottan boasts the largest collection of Monet paintings in the world, it remains the Paris mecca for many of his devoted fans. But the museum is really three significant collections in one: 1) Napoleonic art, furniture and objets d'art; 2) medieval sculpture and manuscripts; 3) Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. This tour explores all three parts of this intimate museum, but with a particular focus on Monet. We follow his development from Impression, Soleil Levant—the painting that earned the movement its (originally derogatory) name, to his late waterlily canvases. These divine hymns to color are installed in a special chapel-like circular gallery, an aesthetic highlight for many visitors to Paris.

Rates. €80 for individuals, or €70 per person for parties of two or more. Includes price of admission. €20 surcharge to guarantee that your party has a one-on-one tour with your guide, without other parties. (No tour, however, will ever be larger than four people).

Read a more detailed profile of the Marmottan-Monet from our "Les Musée Moins Connus" series.

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About this Museum

Enjoy the relaxed surroundings of a private residential museum.

Open every day, except on Mondays, from 11am to 6pm. Until 9pm on Tuesdays.

First tour available at 12 noon. Last tour available at 4pm; 7pm on Tuesdays.

2, rue Louis-Boilly, 75016
Métro: La Muette (9)

One of the Best Things We Did in Paris

We took the Louvre family tour with Inge and it was one of the best things we did in Paris. Our twins absolutely loved it. For the remainder of our vacation they kept asking if they could do 'the treasure hunt' again. I didn't know how much our son and daughter had retained from their visit to the Louvre until, upon our return to the States, I saw my daughter show her grandmother a little box with the Mona Lisa on it. She told her grandmother to look at it from one side and see how the eyes were looking at her and then to look at it from the other side and notice the same thing. 'The artist did that,' she told her proudly. Then she added, 'Mona Lisa has a secret but nobody knows it'. I'm glad your tour wasn't a secret. I'll be passing it on to all our friends headed to Paris.

Jill, Jamieson, and Madigan & Jamieson

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