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Paris Muse Clues: A Family Tour for Young Treasure Hunters

2-hour tour. 290 euros for a family of 5 or fewer.
An educational museum program designed for children, ages 6-12

Alexandra Muse Clues

This Louvre tour is designed for families to visit the museum together, in a fun and meaningful way. Parents and children learn from the same works of art, but the younger set gets additional motivation through "Paris Muse Clues," our educational and interactive treasure hunt (parents are free to pitch in of course!). This scavenger hunt takes the family and their personal guide through a broad range of collections (Ancient Near East, Greek and Roman, Renaissance Italian, French), asking specific and detailed questions about many of the Louvre's masterpieces. It is designed to give children (ages 6-12) an entertaining background to the history of art while sharpening their "detective" skills of observation. Their own answers to the clues lead them to discover an educational prize hidden somewhere under the Louvre's glass pyramid.

The price includes admission for two adults (kids are free) and the "Paris Muse Clues" treasure, an educational gift with a €15 value.

Please note: Due to conservation work the Nike of Samothrace (Winged Victory) may not be on view, through summer 2014.

Muse Clues: Boys searching for clues in the ceiling
Muse Clues detectives search the ceiling for clues.
Photo: Ciao Bambino

Please select "party of 1" when making your reservation online.

Also, please let us know the names and ages of your children, as well as how many adults are in your party.

"Our family tour of the Louvre was without a doubt a major highlight of our trip to Paris. The hours flew by. Our guide was a wonderful teacher and had an easy, relaxed manner that made what can be an overwhelming museum visit, especially with kids, a complete pleasure. When you ask my children (ages 8 & 11) what was the best part of their trip to Paris, they both put the Louvre tour at the very top of their list!"

---Ellen and Darren Berger
New York, NY

"It was the most fun I ever had in a museum. Our guide explained everything in a fun way. She made us look for clues in the paintings and sculptures and made learning about the art work interesting."

---Ross,11 years old.
New York, NY

"It was a great way to learn about the Louvre. Our guide was really nice and the Muse Clues game made us really look at the paintings and see the details. It wasn’t like a regular museum tour. It was a really fun game."

---Dana, 8 years old
New York, NY

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Paris Muse Clues activity books
Detectives consult their clue books.

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"More information, insight, historical perspective and amusing anecdota than one could ever, ever receive in the same amount of time by 'reading up' on the subject or taking the 'canned' tour. These tours are an opportunity to view beloved art with someone who has the education and the intelligence to give thoughtful, informed responses. I hope to do this again, and again, and again. What fun!"

Roberta Kendall

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